Your contact persons:
Project management: Dr. Kurt Beiersdörfer
Norbert Ryska
Curators: Margret Amedick
Dr. Ralf Bülow
Dr. Frank Dittmann

Michael Mikolajczak

Dr. Britta Neitzel

Sandra Sewzyk

Dr. Stefan Stein

Sabine Weimbs
Knowledge, Emotions
Hearing, Reasoning
Touching, Smelling,
Life is motion
Communication and Speech, Learning
Consciousness and culture,
Visions of the future
Creativity, Project management
Seeing, Tasting, Visions of
the past, Project management
Introduction area and bio-
logical consulant of the
Scientific consultants: PD Dr. Andreas K. Engel
Prof. Dr. Thomas Metzinger

Prof. Dr. Helge Ritter
AG Cellular neurobiology,
research center Jülich/D
Theoretical Philosophy Group,
University Mainz/D
AG neuro informatics,
University Bielefeld /D
Exhibition design
and -engineering
Büro Prof. Ludwig Thürmer:
Tilman Thürmer
Jochen Gringmuth
Technics /Object
Bernhard Fromme
Reinhardt Hardtke
Marcel Jaspaert
Dieter Stühmeyer
Norbert Wischer
Object engineering
Exhibition technics
Exhibition technics
Object engineering
Object engineering
PR/Marketing: Kerstin Hengst
Dr. Wiltrud Oelinger-Platz
Andreas Stolte
Press and Internet
Transport: Hilmar H.W. Krieg
Corollary events: Andreas Münkel
Dr. Britta Neitzel
Irmgard Rothkirch
Editorial of the exhibition
Andreas Münkel


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