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In the museum shop at HNF, you can find all
sorts of things - from A for applications documentation to Z for Zuse reproductions.
The book selection covers computer users,
online and multimedia, management and
business, history and HNF, and science for
everyone. The range of children's books and
works of fiction and poetry are constantly being
updated to ensure there is something for
everybody. The museum shop also stocks
selected CD-ROMs, posters, postcards, and
much more besides.


The museum shop team is particu-
larly proud of its selection of un-
usual souvenirs - such as tie-pins made of materials that were origi-
nally used in producing computers,
or replicas of historical objects. At
the museum shop you will also
find stimulating and humorous gifts
at a low cost.

Our team always endeavours to
keep the customer satisfied and
will search for rare books for you.

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